Drop Shipping Program

How does Drop Ship work?

1. Create a wholesale account with a valid Tax ID. 

2. You get an order from your customer. 

3. Place a duplicated order on our website with your customer's shipping address. 

4. We ship the product directly to your customer without any our information. 

How to apply for drop shipping program?

1. You have to create a wholesale account first.

     If you already have a wholesale account with us, please create a new account with a different email address, but you can use the same Tax ID. 

     Please note that wholesale account and drop shipping account is different. 



2. Complete the application and send to us for approval

     Send the email to  herstationdropship@gmail.com

      Download the application here:  Word File:              PDF File: 

3. After we approve your account, we will send you instructional brochure

How to download product images

1. Right click on small images.

2. Select "save target as" or "save image as" and save it. 

3. More tips for downloading images will be included in the instructional brochure. 

How to get inventory information

1. After login your drop shipping account, please go to My Account page. 

2. On left side navigation, there will be a link to download product information file. This file is refreshed every 1 hour, you can always get most recent inventory information. 

3. We also provide a template file which you can get inventory information only for what you are selling. 

4. We cannot guarantee everything is100% in stock. We suggest you start selling from our latest products. 

5. More detailed information will be included in the instructional brochure.

Return & Exchange

1. Return and exchange must be made within 45 days. 

2. Two ways to handle return and exchange

  • Everything by yourself: You may ask your customer to ship the product to you and you ship back to us to receive store credit in your reward point account. 

  • Work with us: Through our system, you can download return shipping label by yourself for your dropship order and send the label to your customer.  
                              Your customer can directly return orders to us. We charge $3 handling fee for each return. 
                              Once we receive return package, we will refund you as store credit in your reward point account. 
                              Refund amount will be  Original product price - return shipping fee - $3 handling fee 
                                                Example: If the product price is $24, return shipping fee is $8
                                                                Refund amount = $24 - $8 - $3 = $13

3. For exchange, you need to place a new order with the product you want to exchange. We will refund the order you returned and process the new order for the exchange. 

4. More detailed information will be included in the instructional brochure.